Appdapter Technology Platform (Java, Scala, RDF, OWL)

Appdapter is an embeddable semantic technology system.

  1. Java, Scala, RDF, OWL, SQL, OSGi
  2. Math infrastructure using JScience (algebra), the R Project (statistics), and (future) UJMP (more matrices).
  3. Build learning systems compatible with Jena, + Pellet RDF/OWL/SPARQL as well as Weka, Pentaho, and R time series, optimization, ...
  4. Used to build trading systems, robot brains, library and educational apps, game pieces.
  5. Useful for spaceships, but not for missiles.
  6. Apache 2.0 license, source in SVN, binaries in Maven Central Repo (groupId = org.appdapter).
  7. Project leader is Stu B. of Texpedient Solutions.
  8. For examples of Appdapter in use, see the family of projects.

Please dig our project workspace for more information, baby!